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Hi there, I am your favorite, trusted

242 Financial Coach,

Ava- Nicole Smith. Thank you for dropping in. It gives me a great deal of comfort knowing that my clients all feel a sense of empowerment through the use of my tips and services. To help you access whether or not you are in the right place for what you need, here is a short synopsis on how I came to be the Financialista that I am affectionately referred to and how I can help you curb bad habits to secure a brighter more financially sound future. 


About Us


                                                                                        was designed by a once Financially 

wounded Financial Industry Professional who decided to make a change and activate discipline within her own financial life. In doing so, the results began to be visibly infectious for both friends and family and they too desired the change that was now evident in her life. She began coaching friends, family, coworkers to adopt the same habits she placed at the fore of her life and made them believers! Today all of the individuals that the now 242Financialista would have blessed with her new found habits have become more financially sound and keep in close proximity to the Financial hero that changed their lives. They all live more financially fruitful lifestyles and continue to refer friends and family for the experience that changed their personal lives. 

Today 242financialista is a brand, one that is profoundly respected within the financial industry and that has grown from an individual need to a following of over 200+ success stories. Ava Smith has dedicated herself to securing financial freedom for those that welcome the change in their lives and continues to build a community of Financially Sound Citizens.

Join a community of Financialista's today.

So what is financial coaching really all about?


Some people tend to equate financial coaching with investment management but there is a stark difference between the two. Investment Advisers or Managers are in the business of managing portfolios and recommending or executing investments for their clients.


On the other hand, financial coaches are focused on empowering their clients when it comes to taking control of their finances and making better financially conscious decisions. We work closely with individuals who are looking to have a better relationship with money and develop healthy money habits which will create a sustainable and successful financial future.


As your money coach, my primary focus is to determine the behavioral aspects of your spending; institute an unshakable framework for your finances; and find creative and achievable ways to revive your finances.


I’m here to guide you in the right direction along with setting financial goals, providing accountability and improving the overall financial literacy of you as my client. So what are you waiting for?

Book a session today!

financial coaching
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wondering if financial coaching is for you?

It sure is!



It’s for any and everyone
who is tired of being in debt; ready to bulk up savings; and prepared to pave the way for generational wealth.


Are you stressing over how you’re going to make ends meet? Are you still living paycheck to
paycheck? Are you ready to get serious about your finances but simply don’t know where to start?

Then this program is for you!

Why choose 242 Financialista as your Financial Coach?
Ava is now on a Financial journey that she is proud of!

Because she's made every conceivable money mistake that is possible. She has racked up the credit card debt and bought the new car when she knew she shouldn't have amongst a plethora of other financially detrimental mistakes. She has found every reason to spend money and not save it first. The same financial woes you may be struggling with.

Fast forward, all of that has changed!!!


Ava is now on a financial journey that she is proud of and living the life that she always knew she could achieve once she committed to staying on the right course with her finances. " If you decide to hire me as your coach, you’ll be on-boarding my 10 years of experience in financial services and helping others with their money along with the expertise needed to avoid some of the very same mistakes that I've made. The only question now is, are you ready to create the life you’ve always dreamed of? "

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