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Financial services professional, Ava-Nicole Smith has been in the private banking industry for
over 10 years. She attained the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation from The Bahamas
Institute of Financial Services/The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland. Thereafter, she went
on to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Omega College/St. Thomas University in Florida.
Recently she became a Certified Wealth Trainer through Creative Wealth International based in
California. She did this to funnel her passion of teaching kids and adults financial literacy.
Partnering with Creative Wealth International has given her the opportunity to provide structured
programs such as The Money Game ®, Camp Millionaire ® and Moving Out! For Teens ®.
Previously in The Bahamas, these programs were offered through her corporate partner Keshelle
Davis of The Training Authority & Creative Wealth Bahamas.
She also founded 242Financialista which initially started as a social media platform geared toward
inspiring women of all walks of life to take control of their personal finances and become money-
savvy. She currently serves as a Ramsey Solutions Master Coach licensed in The Bahamas under
the name Jumpstart Bahamas. Beyond her professional career she actively serves as a Lead
Volunteer for Hands for Hunger in The Bahamas.
As a Master Financial Coach and with the heart of a teacher, she focuses on helping individual
create a solid spending plan; become debt-free and live a life of true financial independence.

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