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Why teach financial literacy to kids & teens?
Like most adults, you weren’t taught about money in school or at home, and if you had been, it would have made a significant change in your adult lives today. Until every child in this country has been exposed to money management, we will continue to see major challenges in our economy and society.

Kids and teens need to be given an opportunity to make strong, confident and informed financial decisions in their adult lives. It all starts with sound financial knowledge and the general understanding of how money works. Also, college students need to be able to understand how to budget their
allowances or income received from part-time jobs.


They also need to be able to know the reasons why they should avoid credit cards and other unnecessary debt.

The absence of financial literacy often leads to making poor financial decisions, the development of poor financial habits, and can have an adverse effect on the well-being of an individual, family, and  community - financially, emotionally, and physically. Let’s be the change today!

242Financialista powered by Jumpstart Bahamas will be offering a series of individual and group financial literacy games and workshops to develop money awareness and skills for our kids and teens.




This package provides the best of both worlds for you and your child. The program gives the
opportunity for you as the Mommy to strengthen your own finances through our financial coaching
program while ensuring that your child is taught practical money principles and given an opportunity to
sit in the driver seat of budgeting, which is task that will presented in a fun way for them.
The financial coaching aspect of this program will be done separate and a part from the session with
your child. During the segment including your child, the first part of this session requires you to be
present to engage in a rewarding activity with them.


the earlier they learn finance, the more impactful it is on their lives.


1on1 Sessions w/Kids

One-on-One Sessions with Kids (Ages 10-17) - $95
In this package, the first lesson we teach your child is key money principles to live by now and when
they grow up. After that, we help your child or teen distinguish between needs and wants which is
critical, because it teaches them how to make wiser financial choices with their money, whether it is in
the form of an allowance or monetary gift. Then we wrap up with learning how to budget their money by
saving a little first and spending the rest wisely. Not to worry though, we make this a fun and engaging
session, not leaving your child or teen bored at any point. You can feel free to pop-in during the
session to see their progress along the way. This usually takes about 90 mins to complete and they will
leave with resources to use at home.




The Money Game

Coming 1Q2019

In this game, kids and teens will earn the secret of savings; the basics of budgeting; the dangers of
debt; the ins and outs of investing; the goodness of giving; and so much more!

Camp Millionaire

Day Camp

Coming 1Q2019
Students learn how to make, manage, multiply and donate their money wisely using 30 Creative
Wealth Principles (Rules to the Money Game). The students/campers are exposed to all 30 Principles
in every program; however, the length of the program determines how in-depth we go into each topic.



One-on-One Sessions with Teens + College Students

(Ages 17 & up) 

In this package, your teen or college student will get more than just a financial literacy session; they will
obtain life-preparation sessions as well. This usually takes approximately 4 hours to complete and they
leave with the resources to use at home. This session will be completed over 2 days to gain maximum
benefit from the program.

Here are some of the topics we will cover:
✓ Difference between wants; needs and money management styles
✓ How to budget allowance and monetary gifts effectively
✓ Banking basics and essentials such as how to open a bank account; how to write a cheque, etc.
✓ Distinguish between good debt and bad debt
✓ How to quantify their college decision
✓ How to prepare for their dream job
✓ Determining whether entrepreneurship is right for them
and much, much more...


Thinking about doing this with a small group of kids, teens or college students?

Coming June 2019

Camp Millionaire

Summer Camp

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